time and tide wait for no one.

After years of experience in retail cannabis accessories, High Tide is rolling out Canada’s most ambitious cannabis retail concept through retrofit and expansion of our established footprint. As Canada’s largest counterculture chain, we’ve been serving cannabis consumers across the country for a decade and have an intimate understanding of their needs and desires. The retail cannabis industry is expected to generate multi-billions of dollars in annual sales, and our infrastructure is industry leading, experienced, and perfectly poised to become Canada’s favourite source of recreational cannabis and accessories.

vertically integrated.

As a leading manufacturer of cannabis accessories worldwide, we take pride in our ability to conceptualize, brand, manufacture, distribute and retail the hottest products in the industry. With licenses through Famous Brandz, our products and retail concepts also have access to entertainment brands like Snoop Dogg, Paramount Pictures, the Trailer Park Boys and Kevin Smith for expanded branding possibilities across all of our cannabis ventures. Our product ecosystem is vertically integrated, and our accessory retail and distribution channels are fully self-sufficient.

ride the rising green tide

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